We offer two completely different dinner style of service to select from, “Lebanese Feast” and “World Food”. Lebanese feast is suited for a casual home style traditional gathering catering for groups up to twelve adults, (larger groups with limited menu), where everyone helps themselves to the banquet style prepared food. The World Food option is a plated service limited to eight people and is similar to what you would get in a restaurant. The two styles of service are explained in detail by following the links below.

The price of each service differs, each is dependent on the menu and number of guests. The Lebanese Feast option prices varies from $40 -$70 per head. The premium plated service price varies from $120-$160 per head. All the above prices are rough estimates and will depends on the menu selection and availability of ingredients.

Also be sure to take a look at the photo gallery which includes recipes not on the web site. If you see something you really like, just ask me about it. I may be able to do a special menu for your special occasion.