“Brisbane dwellers can indulge in a sensational Lebanese feast at home for less than the cost of a restaurant thanks to chef Robert Bousamra, who brings the age old customs and food of Lebanon into the dining rooms of Brisbane.”

Robert’s Lebanese Feast is the ultimate dinner party – one where the chef (Robert) arrives at the host’s house during the day and literally recreates a Lebanese kitchen, preparing the entire meal from scratch just as it would be done in his home country, before serving it up to guests that evening on exquisite handmade Middle Eastern tableware.
As well as all of the ingredients, Robert also brings his own utensils, traditional cooking equipment and even his own wood stove in order to ensure that traditions are followed and the result is a truly authentic experience that all up costs what is essentially a bargain at between $35-$65 a head.
As the creator and author of the internationally award-winning* cookbook ‘Lebanon to Ghana – The Food I Grew Up With’ Robert is a passionate and meticulous chef whose food is a cut above that in the majority of restaurants.

Guests can opt for (at the time of booking) Mains and Three Starters or the Mezza – 5 (smaller portioned) dishes. Sample menus include the BBQ Menu, Seafood Dinner, Vegetarian or Mezza Feast.
In a nutshell – Lebanese Feast is about as close as it gets to dining in a traditional Lebanese home without leaving Brisbane.
The book, which came second in world in the Best Foreign Cook Book category of the prestigious Gourmand awards in 2014, is available to buy and, photographed and designed by Robert, is testament to his other creative talents’.

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Must Do Brisbane

Many thanks Robert for preparing such an amazing Lebanese feast for our parents 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Our 28 guests loved the food so much that they went back for seconds which was just as well, as there was an abundance of food.

Robert you were so well organized and prepared that it made the evening so much more enjoyable for the hosts.

I highly recommend Robert and his catering to those wanting something different and delicious for a special occasion.

Congratulations from Adriana & Rod Summers,

I just want to say a huge thank you for all you did, it was a memorable dinner for us and our guests. The food you provided was abundant, delicious and fantastic! It was the best meal that I have ever experienced in Brisbane since we moved here.

Not only were you professional and friendly as you worked in our Kitchen, you where able to be informative answering our questions while you were preparing the food. I can’t wait for the next dinner from Lebanese Feast, and this time I’m going to include the dessert section!

I strongly recommend to all mothers who wants a night off, just to relax and enjoy beautiful, yummy meals prepared at your own home and you don’t need to worry or travel out with your babies/toddlers because you’re at your own home!

Again, thank you for all you did Robert.

Florence Wenceslao

Robert from Lebanese Feast came and cooked a ‘mezza’ for Father’s Day. It was simply delicious. Robert arrived early and fully prepped everything from scratch. The flavours where amazing!

We thoroughly enjoyed having the dinner service in our own home as it meant we didn’t have to brave the Fathers Day crowds at the local restaurants. Our Fathers Day was intimate, unique and special as it was different to anything we had done before.

I would highly recommend Lebanese Feast. I know we will be using Robert’s services again. This unique in home dining service coupled with extraordinary food ticked all the boxes for our family.

Lauran Rand
Eatons Hill

It was so good the first time that we booked Lebanese Feast again! This time we decided to try the coffee and dessert service. Guess what? Yet another amazing meal by Lebanese Feast! Our guests really enjoyed themselves, and the challenge was that the food had to be gluten free, to cater one of our guests. Robert was able adjust the recipes as well as give us a few delicious vegetarian dishes plus the BBQ kebabs.

Last but not least the Lebanese Coffee with Crème Caramel to top of the night was just divine! Robert made us an extra couple of Crème Caramels to have the next day. Got to say it was a successful night. Thanks once again Robert!

Florence & Rodney. Durack

Thank you again Robert for coming to the apartment and preparing a wonderful feast while we went to the theatre. It was amazing to come home to an apartment filled with the spicy aromas of the East. Robert was professional and friendly and the quality and freshness of the food was of a very high standard. We enjoyed our chats about how the food was prepared and thank you for later joining in with our friends and family in the after dinner conversation. The coffee and dessert were also highlights of the night. Rod and I and our guests would highly recommend Robert to anyone wanting to host a stress free, delicious dinner party. We are looking forward to the next time with more guests and extra space at our home.

Rod & Sue Longden
Mount Samson

What a recipe for a great night – restaurant quality food served in the comfort of the home. Thank you Robert!

Leanne. (Guest)

We would like to thank you for the wonderful dinner that you cooked for us and our guests to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The food was wonderful, well presented and tasted as good as it looked. The okra bean and lamb was our favourite and the rolled grapevine leaves were good too. Our ten guests loved the whole experience – from the new flavours and methods of cooking to the beautiful serving ware. For us, it was great to hand over all the effort of preparing dinner to someone else. We would also like to thank you for your professionalism and care whilst in our home and kitchen. We are happy to recommend Lebanese Feast.

Susan and Brian Doel
Clear Mountain

 Many many thanks to you Robert for your excellent feast! It all turned out exactly as I would have wished for my 60th celebration! Many of my friends asked “where did you find that man?!” and all the comments were extremely positive.

I appreciated the freshness and quality of the ingredients, and the fact that everything was cooked immediately before eating. The fruit platter was exceptional and beautifully put together! And your lovely crockery was the icing on the cake.

My only regret was that we didn’t organise for more nibbles to go with drinks at the beginning, as the yogurt dip was devoured too quickly (not surprising as it was delicious).

Finally, you were a pleasant and unobtrusive person to have in the kitchen all day, and my family enjoyed their sundry chats with you! AND you kept the kitchen beautifully ordered and tidy throughout the whole preparation process!

Hope you’re having a restful day today!

Avril O’Brien
Camp Mountain

 Robert, I have to say while it wasn’t easy for me to let you take over my kitchen I am very glad I did!!!! Our kitchen has always been the meeting place for family and friends alike and you fitted in so well. It smelled enticing long before the guest arrived, we enjoyed the conversation with you and all those little samples you kept feeding us as you were preparing everything from scratch. I was really impressed that you only used fresh ingredients, even minced the lamb yourself.

The dinner you cooked was really luscious and plentiful. Our guests were impressed and appreciative of the effort that went into your cooking and the deliciousness of it.

Everyone one of the dishes was a winner in its own right. The spices, the subtle fragrances and the presentation were of equal delight to our taste buds and senses.

You created a lovely relaxed and interesting evening for the family and our friends. Thank you!

Margit & Jurgen Rust
Samford Valley


Give Robert a call on 0402 030 693