World Food Menu

This is a fixed plate service for 6 to 8 people. The menu choices are shown below. Please select an entree, main and dessert, or alternatively we are more than happy to assist you in your menu choices to suit your occasion.


Chicken Liver Paté

Fresh made chicken liver pate served with port jelly and fresh baked hand-made sesame Lavosh crackers.

Asparagus Gruyère quiche

A tasty, moist and nutty Gruyère, asparagus and leek quiche spiced with nutmeg and topped with Parmesan cheese.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mouth watering grilled mushrooms filled with a creamy mixture of Gruyère, shallots and herbs.

Beetroot Tart

A delicious baked beetroot tart with caramelised onion and honey, topped with goat cheese and walnuts.

Duck and Pork Terrine

Duck and pork terrine made with pistachio, cranberries and walnuts wrapped in thin sliced prosciutto.


Okra Chilli Lime Salad

A fusion of Asian flavours combining the nutty texture of fried okra combined with chillies, coriander and lime.

Nicoise Salad

A traditional French tuna salad with egg, anchovies and potato dressed with a red wine Dijon dressing

Greek Salad

A refreshing salad combing mint, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fetta, Spanish onion and kalamata olives dressed with lemon and olive oil.

Fresh Garden Herb Salad

A salad made with a combination of fresh oregano, mint, rocket and parsley dressed with a garlic, wine vinegar and olive oil dressing.



Eggplant and Zucchini Lasagne

A succulent tomato based eggplant and zucchini lasagne with a ricotta cheese sauce.


A medley of grilled vegetables in a smoky paprika and tomato sauce.

Mushroom Medley Risotto

Shiitake, Oyster and Portobello mushrooms in a creamy rich Porcini mushroom and vegetable stock.

Meat Dishes

Lamb Curry

A tender melt in your mouth lamb madras style curry made with roasted and ground spices, slowly cooked served with a fragrant cumin and saffron scented basmati rice.

Crab Cake with Thai Salad

A fabulous balance of sweet, hot, tangy and savoury; crispy crab cakes served with a green mango Thai salad and hand-made sweet and sour chili sauce, (other tart unripe fruits may be used as mango alternatives when not in season)

Grass Fed Rib Fillet Steak

Tender prime grass-fed rib fillet steak with a red wine sauce, served with herb-buttered seasonal vegetables.

Salmon Steak

Tasmanian Atlantic salmon steak with fresh-made Béarnaise sauce, served with herb-buttered seasonal vegetables.

Venison Steak

Venison fillets cooked medium rare, served with a blackberry sauce and herb-buttered seasonal vegetable.

Pan Fried Duck Breast

Pan-fried duck breast over a cherry and rhubarb compote, served with herb-buttered seasonal vegetables (blackberry sauce optional).

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Mouth watering chicken pieces rubbed with an aromatic blend of island spices served with aromatic Caribbean Adobo spiced rice.


Asian Chicken Stir Fry with Tahini

A fusion of Lebanese and Asian, a nut free sesame seed satay flavoured with ginger, garlic, soy and fish sauce.

Lamb Kofta Fettuccini in a Yoghurt Sauce

A fusion of Lebanese and Italian flavours, lamb kofta balls in a rich creamy yoghurt sauce served with ‘al dente’ fettuccini.

Lamb Shawoorma with Asian Greens

Thinly sliced lamb marinated in Lebanese spices served over wilted Asian greens topped with a tangy creamy tahini sauce.

Shish Tawook Pesto Fettuccini

Chicken breast marinated in Lebanese spices tossed with ‘al dente’ fettuccini and fresh made basil pesto.

Samkeh Harra

The jewel in the crown, a modern interpretation of a Lebanese classic, pan fried snapper fillet over saffron and pine kernel rice drizzled with a special tahini sauce topped with crispy onion rings.


Panna cotta

Creamy fresh made panna cotta, flavours include, vanilla, coconut or cardamom.

Pear Tarts

A speciality of the house, baked pear in a crispy almond tart drizzled with a cinnamon and hazelnut sauce.

Chocolate Almond Mousse

A gluten free treat, rich chocolate mousse over a moist almond cake topped with glazed strawberries.

Pineapple and Lime Sorbet

with mixed berry compote

A refreshing pineapple and lime or a mixed berry sorbet served with a berry compote.

Crème brûlée

Classic French cream vanilla custard with a sugar glazed top

Cheese Platter

A platter of three classic French cheeses along with fruit and¬¬ hand-made Lavosh crackers.


A selection of fresh hand-made canapé for your cocktail party. Please see the photo gallery for ideas and call to discuss your options